"I do not suffer from current leg cramps every night ever since I get my weekly Body Stretch" Lisa T.

"I can move easily around the house and reach down for my toes, without the pain" Kenneth W.

"My back is no longer feels stiff after sitting for hours in the office"   Tracy M

"WOW!!! Body Stretch has change my life - I can move now in all directions, sleep better at night, and legs are no longer feel tired, my blood circulation has improved and I overall feel better" Scott J.

"Body Stretch has improved my GOLF game; I have better hip flexor rotation! Ever since I get regular Body Stretch therapy, my warm up before golfing doesn't take as long as it used to and I feel looser and more flexible" Tom Henson

 I would like to express my sincere appreciation and extend my highest recommendation to Body Stretch. I recently participated in Smart Ride 12, a 165 mile bike ride from Miami to Key West. Part of my preparation was to go to Body Stretch twice a week. I am happy to report that I had ZERO physical issues during my entire 4 month training process and more importantly during the two day ride. I watched NUMEROUS persons suffer through a number of physical problems. Thank you Body Stretch for assisting me with my preparation. I could not have done it without you!!!!! Timothy Hart

Alliette's stretching regime has enabled me to play tennis and golf at a high level without the aches and pains that I would normally suffer after practice and playing. She has perfected her technique to really benefit those athletes that require trunk and torque rotation for the performance movements. I cannot recommend her more highly.  Mark Bronson

 Alliette is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever met. Once she puts her mind to a project, she will give 120%. She has a wonderful spirit and enthusiasm, and exudes professionalism. Alliette is the rare blend of beauty, intellect and focus. She takes her responsiblities seriously and will not hesitate to go the extra mile, should the occasion dictate. She is fabulous! Meredith Jimenez

 This process helped me feel young again. Sitting at a desk eight hours a day takes its toll and tightens my muscles. It caused lower back pain and I couldn't even reach my toes with straight legs. After a few sessions I noticed fewer flare ups and shorter recovery time. Now a year later with weekly sessions I feel better and younger and have more energy to enjoy a more active lifestyle. Like everyone, I still have the occasional muscle related Issues from activities but find I recover more quickly.  I highly recommend for better athletic performance or to offset the hours of sitting or standing you do at work. Feel Better=Live Better.... 

Scott Routson

More testimonials

 Alliette has been helping me with a foot issue.  She is professional and knowledgeable.  I am extremely happy with the results. Carolann Mazza

 I came to Alliette of Body Stretch extremely frustrated. I had spent three months in horrible pregnancy induced sciatic pain, and massages and chiropractors were not helping at all. Someone suggested I try Body Stretch, and I am SO HAPPY that I did! It has been three weeks, and the sciatic pain is extremely reduced. Alliette is so kind and informative! Yes, I went for one ailment, but Aliette has opened my eyes to all the amazing things her practice can do for my body and overall health. I plan on being a customer for life! Casey Mattis

 Alliette is so knowledgeable and passionate about her clients wellness and results.  I am so happy I made the investment in myself and started feeling results after a few visits.  It's amazing how we think we are good with our flexibility until you experience Stretch Therapy and now you know you need to do some work to stay healthy and flexible.  I highly recommend Alliette.  Thank you.  Kathryn Lorenzini 

 I'm a bigger guy in my early 50's who used to be athletic and played a variety of sports.   I was finding myself struggling with tightness, pain , and a lack of flexibility when I engaged in most physical activity. My hips and legs were of particular concern. Stretch therapy with Alliette has dramatically improved my flexibility, strength, and mobility.  I'm much better able to move around, exercise, and engage in all sorts of physical activity.  I started with two sessions each week and eventually moved to once a week.  Ive been engaged in stretch therapy for over a year now and feel significant better. Alliette is very skilled and has extensive training, unlike other stretch places Ive tried. She has also provided feedback, alternatives , and a variety of stretches I do at home.  If you have not been professionally stretched before, I suggest you give it a try.  I highly recommend Alliette Chignoli.  Good luck! Angel Junquera

 As a personal trainer in the fitness industry I know the importance of stretching, and I know how few people actually make it a priority. Myself being one of the many that don't take the time to stretch, I contacted  Body Stretch for my own personal needs. After experiencing the many benefits they have to offer, I have become a regular patron of there's, and  advise all of my personal training clients to visit and take advantage of there services.  Alex DeOliveria

 I do crossfit and have several mobility problems. When I finished my sessions after 2 motnhs my mobility and flexibility got a lot better. I as an athlete recommend them. If you have mobility issues do not doubt to contact them. Juan Reyes

 I have been going to Alliette for 4 months now. Since being stretched now at least once a week my back problems have disappeared. I use to have to see a chiropractor 3 or 4 times a month. Haven't had to go since doing body stretching. It has also helped my golf game in that I have more flexibility. I can't recommend having having Body Stretch Therapy and Alliette enough. Gary Kodish

 Seeking back pain releif, she is kind, patient and can stretch what you didn't think you could stretch!  I have bulging discs and walked out feeling great! Nikki Gilmore

 I feel lighter, more flexible and energetic after my one hour stretch. Body Stretch helped me with my back and neck pain. My hips are not tight anymore which feels just great!  Jennifer Bley